• Infamous by
  • Sunny Leone

The brand began with a dream to go beyond everything and out of Sunny’s passion and her zeal for perfection. It breaks free from the monochromatic conventions and crosses every boundary that holds back women. This brand by Sunny Leone incorporates the BOLD, CHIC and AUDACIOUS shades of Sunny’s personality and sets a benchmark, inspiring women to take risks. The brand, re-defines vogue that symbolizes adventurous, gutsy, sensuous and ravishing world of fashion.

The brand instills every color of Sunny Leone’s vibrant personality, with the vision to captivate the world with her iconic style, elegance, quirk, and glamour celebrating absolute femininity, coy flirtiness, and inner glamour. With the vision to cater and resonate with every woman who is independent, bold, beautiful, and a dreamer, the brand encapsulates values from every phase of Sunny Leone’s life, from being bold, career oriented, struggler, a Star, a lover and to a mother.

Confidence| Persistence| Self – Belief | Bold Attitude | Zeal to Achieve

The brand has emerged out of Sunny Leone’s dream to re-create the customary fashion statement that spreads the power of a bold and contemporary style which not only builds confidence but brings out the mesmerizing diva in every woman. The brand embraces exuberance and focuses on combining it with vibrancy to create a Bold, Sensual, Confident & glamorous range of Intimate wear.

CATEGORIES AVAILABLE FOR EXTENSION: Innerwear, Nightwear, Lounge wear & Night Club

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