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Mountain Dew isn’t just a beverage. It’s a storied brand, built on a powerful mindset and a long, exhilarating history. The bold flavor of Dew is formulated to fuel creativity, adventure and passion; it’s positioned to elevate experiences. Mountain Dew is something many people can relate to; with passionate fans all over the world. It’s always new and classic, all at the same time—and its authenticity shines through.

The Dew brand champions innovation on every level. It takes risks, and empowers drinkers to master the art of trying new things. Dew has always been on the leading edge of emerging culture, turning fresh ideas into inclusive opportunities—this is a nation of like-minded individuals, after all—and exaggerating the gratification of every experience. When Dew is on hand, it means good times are going to be had by all.

Mountain Dew is more than just a soft drink. It’s an expression, an experience and a way of life. To Do The Dew is to be the best you—and we aim to fuel that opportunity every single day.

LIVE ON THE EDGE - Mountain Dew celebrates the spirit of adventure and courage! a beverage with an attitude, mountain dew’s driving anthem is ‘to do the dew.’ bold consumers are immediately engaged with the ideas of pushing oneself to the edge and testing limits. Mountain dew thrives on the notion of conquering inner fear! Outperform, Outlast And Outlive!

A QUENCHING OPPORTUNITY - Take an extreme licensing leap with one of the most popular brands in India since its launch in 2003! undoubtedly, a well exposed brand offers licensing opportunity for partners to extend in multiple products and categories. with mass appeal in multiple products and categories. with mass appeal in multiple markets, Mountain Dew offers great licensor support for assured success.

Available Categories for Extension: Men’s Casual/Sport Apparel, Men’s Casual/Sport Accessories, Men’s Footwear, Technology Accessories, Snow/Skate Sporting Goods, Gaming Accessories, “Old School” Classic Games (i.e. darts, billiard, etc.), Home/First Apartment Décor, Novelty & Outdoor

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