Concept of Brand Licensing

The Indian market has seen a major shift in the consumer mindset. The focus has shifted more towards the ‘Brand’ value of the product or services rather than the quality aspect. Since globalization has set its firm feet in India, Brand Licensing has become the need of an hour.

Brand Licensing

is a concept that leverages the brand’s properties across new product lines under brand’s direction and vitality. Brand Licensing is about the licensee taking brand rights in a product line and making profit by creating and selling merchandise around it.

The ‘brand’ is becoming a key factor in decision making by Indian consumer. Up until a few years ago, no one could have ever thought of brands as assets- they were just a differentiating factor. With changing times the role of brands has changed. In India, we have seen many big brands die with time because they were not able to keep up with the changing preferences of the consumers. The question is how should brands adopt to changing times? Needless to say, for brands doing nothing is the riskiest option.

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