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Appu Series is a children's animated learning platform produced by Media Fusion (India) Pvt. Ltd. It was launched as a channel on YouTube for the first time in 2010. It showcases the world's largest collection of nursery rhymes and 'Appu the Yogic Elephant' Series that feature it's iconic character Appu.

Appu the Yogic Elephant is the story of an elephant calf who lives with his herd in the Upvan forest. His happy and carefree life is ripped apart when tragedy strikes and he is left alone to fend for himself. Through various hurdles and in a desperate bid for survival he realizes his special yogic powers and gradually learns to use them for saving and protecting his environment.

Appu epitomizes the heroic powers that lie latent within every child. The series along with being highly entertaining enforce the values of righteousness, courage, and compassion through all challenges and difficulties one faces.

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