bradford license india

Company Overview:

Bradford is India's first complete licensing solution provider formed with the objective to increase awareness, and support the growth of licensing in the country. Being a part of both Bradford Licensing LLC and Franchise India Group, we bring the expertise of over 27 years in licensing industry, along with over 17 years within India carving business models and business development for numerous brands in domestic market.

We extend extensive licensing solutions comprising of brand licensing program development & management, creative & brand assurance services, financial support and services, intellectual property management & legal mediation, along with licensee representation services.

We are one of the unique firms in India, blessed with broad licensing bandwidth with wide services, and rare in house opportunity marketing capabilities leveraging our parent resources and B-2-B mediums.

Why Bradford?:

Organizational Bandwidth

Business Development Team

We have an extensive and efficient business development team that undertakes lead generation, business development, term negotiations, approvals & recruitment of licensee, till the final sign-ups and its management as a project lead. We have per category efficiency charted for program justification across logical extensions.

Marketing & Creative Team

Our creative vertical forecasts the business-to-business opportunity communication and relative marketing materials per the approvals of the licensor. These are used for lead generation activities and building opportunity awareness amongst the licensing community. Additionally, our creative team is equipped to create exhaustive syle-guides basis the property’s brand ethos & DNAs. We are also into product designing across categories for licensees.

Finance & Accounting Team

Responsible for creating or following licensor's reporting structures for the licensees. The team is also equipped to conduct licensee’s audits if required.

Legal Team

We have a very capable legal team to mediate intellectual property contracts. The team is proficient to assist in IP protection efforts, draft fresh licensing agreements or any other legal assistance required in the program.

Our Experience

We have been in the business of brand licensing and relative retail in India for over a decade now, and thus have well established relations with retailers of all formats and sizes, be it leading conglomerates and formats to even a start up across extensions.

We have great penetration in the growing MSME, who are opening up to the brand licensing model and strategies for growth of their business and presence. Be it any industry - Apparel, Food & Beverages, Jewellery, Gifts & Novelties, Toys & Games, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Wellness & Fitness, Home Decor & Furnishing, Back to School, Sporting Goods & Equipments and much more, our network would assist us in developing & implementing an ideal retail strategy for brands in India.

Be believe in cautious and well thought through strategy for an effective roll out to reach out to appropriate target segments with appropriate extensions across the country.