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Bradford License India is a joint venture between Bradford Licensing LLC and Franchise India Group. Established in 2010, the venture has been marked asIndia's first end to end licensing solution provider, formed with the objective to increase awareness and support the growth of licensing in the country. In today’s market place where every brand or business is in simultaneous pursuit of differentiation & cutting-edge strategy, Bradford lends its best minds & innovative strategies to support businesses in achieving the desired goals with the ultimate marketing tool ‘Brand Licensing’. Being an award-winning brand licensing agency from over a decade now, we pave the way for leading global brands to enhance trademark equity, generate new profitable revenue streams & strengthen relation with consumers through licensing in India. Since the very inception, Bradford has been operating with the mission to revolutionize consumer experience by enabling leading global brands, retailers & manufacturers in providing breakthrough products that are highly recognizable, trusted and aspirational. We are one of the unique firms in India, blessed with broad licensing bandwidth, offering wide servicesand rare in-house opportunity marketing capabilities, leveraging our parent resources and B-2-B mediums.

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The Indian market has seen a major shift in the consumer mindset. The focus has shifted more towards the ‘Brand’ value of the product or services rather than the quality aspect. Since globalization has set its firm feet in India, Brand Licensing has become the need of the hour. Brand Licensing is a concept that leverages the brand’s properties across new product lines under brand’s direction and vitality. Brand Licensing is about the licensee taking brand rights in a product line and making profit by creating and selling merchandise around it. The ‘brand’ is becoming a key factor in decision making by Indian consumer. Up until a few years ago, no one could have ever thought of brands as assets- they were just a differentiating factor. With changing times the role of brands has changed. In India, we have seen many big brands die with time because they were not able to keep up with the changing preferences of the consumers. The question is how should brands adopt to changing times? Needless to say, for brands doing nothing is the riskiest option. Bradford License India is the best platform for a Brand Owner or Licensor, to comprehend Indian market with distinct needs which can be serviced through partnership with Licensees.


Product & Merchandise Licensing:

Product licensing may be the best kept secret in business. Product & merchandise licensing like any other licensing arrangement involves two parties – ‘Licensor – the brand’ & ‘Licensee – retailer or manufacturer’. The licensor owns the rights to certain intellectual property (IP) while the licensee manufactures products using the IP granted by the licensor via a license agreement. This arrangement empowers & allows the licensee to leverage popular IP to create branded products, usually for a specific period of time. Once the rights have been secured, the licensee manufactures product using the licensed IP, and in return pays the licensor a royalty for its use. This model can be applied to nearly any product, from apparel and accessories to toys, home goods, electronics, FMCG and more.Product & merchandise licensing has numerous benefits for both licensor & licensee. The licensor is able to offer new products that fall outside its core competencies. It also provides critical revenue streams tobrands looking for growth. Meanwhile, the licensee gains a competitive edge in the marketplace by differentiating their products through memorable IP or associations with quality brand names. Both businesses can see their respective brands gain increased relevancy, recall, and revenue, which helps explain why some of the biggest firms make use of the product licensing business model.As licensing experts, Bradford represents globally renowned IPs in all possible genre which can be extended into multiple product categories. We present you a galore of brands & opportunities to leverage business. Product Illustrations

Experiential Licensing:

Experiential licensing is a unique concept that also involves two parties – ‘Licensor – the brand’ & ‘Licensee – Seasoned F&B, Salon, FEC or any other industry player or simply an investor’. Experiential licensing allows an investor or a seasoned player in particular industry to leverage a popular IP in an experiential format. In this arrangement the licensee obtains the right to an iconic IP for creating a unique experience in form of a Café, Salon, Hotel, Restaurant, Clubs, Bar, Gaming Zones or any other format for consumers, with a renowned brand touch point. The acceptability, aspiration & recall value of an IP adds to the experience and in turn creates a profitable experiential venture. To quote examples ‘The absolute fashion influencer magazine – Vogue has been extended into Café format running globally; Marie Claire the French fashion magazine has been beautifully translated & extended into a chain of Salon & Wellness Academy in India; NBA Sports bar running globally is also an iconic example. Many more such examples are a testimony to the success of this business model.Bradford being pioneers in brand licensing in India have successfully translated many of its brands into experiential formats. We bring on table these lucrative brand opportunities in multiple sectors for investors to reach a wider audience through providing a holistic experience. Experiential format illustrations

Licensing Development program:

Licensing Development Program (LDP) is a tailor-made innovative program that Bradford License India strategically creates for domestic &international brands, which marks as the golden key for brands to unlock the billion-dollar global industry of licensing. Empowering IPs from years, this program allows brands to leverage businessthrough enhancing trademark equity & generating new revenue streams of high profitability. It has been witnessed over the years, for any brand to bolster for a long period of time and create a recall value, it needs to be backed by multiple physical touch points. Brand licensing here becomes the ultimate marketing tool to achieve this objective and sustain a profitable business. With changing demographics and boost in economy, India has become a brand hungry country. With the vision to cater the emerging needs of consumers, Bradford strategically develops this comprehensive program &evaluates the brand licensingpotential of the intellectual properties, devising a strategic extension plan across logical product categories. Bradford has successfully carved out licensing program for brands across genres likefashion, sports, FMCG, character and more. We bring to you the most powerful program to expand your brand in multiple logical product categories and build a substantial revenue stream. Licensing Development Program Illustrations