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Licensing journey of carlton london

Established in 1989 in East End of London, Carlton is renowned for manufacturing ladies fashion shoes. Since then the brand has evolved into a complete British lifestyle brand,adding accessories such as handbags, belts, wallets, sunglasses, perfumes, jewe llery,etc. to its product line. One of the recognized brands globally, Carlton London has created its global presence in Asia, Europe and the US market. Boosting its expansion plans, the brand has forayed into consumer product space through brand licensing.

Carlton London has developed like a true British lifestyle brand and has added to it
various categories such as handbags, wallets, belts, luggage, watches, and jewellery. Post a lot of research and attention to detail, the brand has worked on its logo which is used on its handbags and shoes. This has led to an increase in the brand popularity. The button logo works exceptionally well for the handbags and accessories.

One of the successful examples of CL’s licensing deal is for belts and wallets in whichBradford License played an important role in the successful partnership. After a lot of obstacles, a licensee was identified for jewellery as well which led to a positive response from the clients. In one of the projects, it has been mentioned as CL, using this abbreviation Carlton London has created 2 brands- Miss CL and Mr CL. Carlton Flex is another one of our Brand extension projects which introduces flexibility to the footwear and provides for a relaxed product for its client. Carlton Kids, as the name suggests is a new line for children.

The top priority of the company as of now is to look out for a licensee for their menswear category. IT is looking to foray in women’s and men’s apparels, time-pieces, sunglasses, jewellery and accessories range. Carlton London sees a great opportunity as licensor to expand its credentials from UK’s fashion footwear brand to a complete lifestyle brand covering all aspect of fashion, as it helps to cover all categories of the brand so it becomes one shop destination for its customer to cover all fashion needs. It will help diversify the brand potential in all areas and make it a success.

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